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  • Exterior Tunnels: FIBERSORB™ AC

    Product Advantages: Molded fiberglass is a brittle material due to the thermoset resin Functional in semi-structural applications Better acoustic absorption than fiberglass at same basis weight No fiberglass used in composite Lower material cost than molded fiberglass with AI foil

  • High Heat Acoustic Shields: FIBERSORB™ GL

    Product Advantages Lower weight than aluminum (2x) and steel (4x) Offers 5x stiffness of standard PET/Bico Offers 2x the heat resistance of PET/Bico Functional in structural applications, while typical fiberglass constructions are not

  • Wheel Liners and Aero Shields

    Our high-quality line of light weight aero packages and wheel liners help improve the efficiency of air flow around, over and under the vehicle, in addition to improving the acoustics inside the cabin. These highly beneficial aero packages also improve fuel economy and overall performance.