Aero Packages

On the forefront of every automotive manufacturer’s mind is optimal fuel efficiency. This is largely due to increasing standards set forth by the government, as well as an increase in ownership demand. One piece of the fuel efficiency puzzle pertains to the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself. In terms of consumer vehicles, the main concern is reducing drag and wind noise.

Our high-quality line of light weight aero packages and belly pans help improve the efficiency of air flow around, over and under the vehicle, in addition to improving the acoustics inside the cabin. These highly beneficial aero packages also improve fuel economy and overall performance.

Customized to Meet Your Individual Needs

In addition to our current solutions at Cadillac Products Automotive Company, we greatly enjoy collaborating with suppliers. Working together with your needs in mind, we can design and develop aero package solutions for your specific individual applications.

  • Belly Pans

  • Acoustic Shields

  • Under Body Closeouts

  • Thermal Management Solutions

  • Diesel Isolators